This winter the heating room is dry!

We’ve struggled with a leaking room above our heating room for a couple of years.

The walls of the heating room are made of fire-proof chalk material.  The roof is made of the same material which is supported by i-beams and protected on the top by a thick waterproof tar cloth.

A couple of years ago, we needed to fix the house roof and the only safe access for the tradespeople who did this job involved the erection of scaffolding on the heating room roof.

This may have punctured the tar cloth (or it could have just deteriorated over time).  Either way, rainwater has been leaking into the heating room below and wetting the pellets in our hopper.

Last winter, Stu erected a wooden and plastic cover over the pellet hopper but this was only a short term solution and we needed something better fairly urgently.

Enter friends, who provided us with some free aged wood for the exercise.

Enter 80 year old Dad (visiting from Australia), who lent his carpentry hands to the effort.

A year later and a strong pergola now supports the heating room and provides good shelter for our pellets.

Now we’re in the depths of winter, the heating room is dry…and we are assured of dry pellets and cosy warmth…


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