Our (even less) brave rooster

The things we do for our chickens…some would say they’re spoilt…

This morning we found that another 5 centimetres of snow had fallen overnight.

Light rain had settled in and the snow was slowly melting.

When we went outside to the chicken coop, we found a sorry group of cluckers staring dismally out at the white and wet.

So we reversed the car out of the garage, placed their seed and meal in the dry garage space, then went back to the coop to let them out.

The hens quickly set off towards the garage.  We watched their little bodies wobble and stumble as their feet sunk in the snow on every step.

We counted.  One, two, three.

The fourth bird didn’t seem to be following.

We looked in the coop and there he was.

Horris was back in ‘bed’, hiding in the dark of the cage, feet firmly gripping onto a perch.

Now everyone knows that any self-respecting rooster should be seen leading his flock.

But not Horris.

Clearly, I needed to give Horris a little training in leadership.

I opened the door to the coop and had a little talk to him.  I softly reprimanded him.  “You are supposed to be setting an example”, I said, “What will your hens think of you?”.

He listened intently (or appeared to) so I put my hand in the coop to try to encourage him out.

I got a swift peck in response.

Clearly, more coaxing was required.  I thought a little psychology might be useful and made enticing suggestions to him such as “Let’s get you over there so you can be king rooster again”, etc.

After a few minutes, I reached in again.  I closed my hand over his back, pressing his wings down and gently took him out of the cage.  I snuggled the poor trembling bird against my chest before whisking him off to his females.

The hens, of course, were too busy eating the seed and meal in the garage to notice their ‘hero’.

When I put him down, he puffed his small chest out, gave himself a little shake, emitted a proud crow, then clucked wildly at the seed and meal to let his hens know that he’d found food for them!

Slightly too late…but still…

Some might say we spoil our flock…but every female knows a male can do with a little advice and spoiling occasionally…


2 responses to “Our (even less) brave rooster”

  1. tommyjoe14 says :

    Ah, Cath, you have a great way with words. Hope Stuart appreciates his spoiling time.


    • Catherine says :

      Oh I’ve missed you, Tom! I thought you’d unsubscribed from my blog! It’s lovely to hear from you…and such positive remarks at that! We love our chickens…in case you can’t tell… 😉


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