A window minus wasps

Three years ago, we had a trauma…just one of many challenges we’ve experienced here…

I wrote about this particular trauma in a blog post dated 29 October 2013.

It involved wasps, or more to the point, a massive wasp nest in the wooden beam above one of the windows in our bedroom.

For some time, I’d been noticing that the plaster above the window was a different texture.  I’d regularly poked it wondering what was going on under the relatively smooth exterior until finally one day I poked too hard and made a hole!

I’d had a quick look into the hole.  Several wasps were crawling around inside in a slightly agitated state.  But more worrying than this sight was the sheer volume of the buzzing that emanated from the gap.  The noise promised numbers in the hundreds.

I’d grabbed something to plug the hole with (a sock?) and screamed for Stu.

When Stu arrived, he’d delayed assistance until he’d interrogated me as to why I’d been poking holes in the plaster.  Luckily he realized fairly quickly that the situation was urgent and discussion (or argument?) could occur later.  After all, I was standing there with my arm extended plugging a hole full of hundreds of wasps that wouldn’t be too happy to be even more disturbed!

He’d run downstairs and returned with a piece of foam, a flat timber plank and a piece of timber post and somehow erected a seal/support against the plaster.

We’d been able to sleep easy knowing that we wouldn’t be stung to death during the night.

A few weeks later, a pest controller had arrived to eradicate the wasps.  He discovered quickly that our temporary arrangement had been gradually eaten through by the wasps and we were again in danger of a deadly wasp attack!  He quickly did what he had to do, then blocked the hole with silicon to discourage further infestations until we were able to properly restore the window.

But it’s very easy to be distracted with other jobs here and somehow we’d managed to leave the window like this for 3 years.

Suddenly in September last year, I noticed new changes in the plaster and started using my finger all over again!

You guessed it…more plaster fell down…but this time without the buzzing noise…

I called Stu and after a short discussion we decided that the rest of the plaster was going to crumble if we didn’t make a proper repair to the window.

First, Stu jack-hammered the plaster off to reveal the original stonework.  He exposed some fairly large gaps in the process and jammed steel wool into these holes.  We didn’t want to be woken by any animal or vermin that might deem our bedroom to be an ideal winter nesting spot!

We slept in our newly holey but stuffed up bedroom for a few weeks before Stu shored up the wooden beams above the window and I pointed the rocks.

We now sleep in a bedroom that is fully sealed and far more beautiful.  The previously plastered window was nowhere near as attractive as the newly exposed stonework and somehow the bedroom looks more balanced than it used to.

Some jobs just take time…but the wait is always worth it…


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