Creating space behind the fienile

Since we started the renovation, we’ve been gathering all sorts of demolition and construction detritus and ‘hiding’ it behind the fienile.

But now that the upper fienile has been renovated into our entertainment area, we find that our guests are peering down over our monstrous rubbish pile!

Something had to be done…

“You’ll need a bobcat to move that amount of rubbish!” said one friend.

“Pay someone to do it!” said another.

Well, funds are limited and we have the time…so we started to sort through the mound ourselves in autumn.

By hand.

We established fairly quickly that the pile contained various like-items that needed to be sorted into different piles.  This involved handling thousands of individual bits and pieces.

After a few days of this back-breaking work, we had reduced the pile by half and created several more piles: a pile of rusty steel, another of broken tiles, another of broken bricks and yet more of rocks!

Then winter came and we stopped…but with spring now just around the corner we have again focused our attention on this area.

Stu has been removing fallen earth from the back wall of the fienile while I’ve been playing in the rubbish pile.

We plan to build a dry rock wall behind the fienile to keep the earth back in the future.  To do this, we need a methodical approach to rock-sorting.  So I’ve been dividing the rocks into 4 piles: one pile for large rocks, another for medium rocks, another for small rocks and yet another for rocks that are completely unsuitable for stonemason work.

So now I have a total of 7 piles: steel, tiles, bricks, rocks, rocks, rocks and more rocks…

Once I have finished sorting the rubbish, I will start to build the rock wall across the end of the space while Stu will continue to remove fallen dirt from the larger flat area.

When the area is finished, it will be a wide and well-organised storage place for garden machinery and construction materials.


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