Installing drainage behind the fienile

I mentioned last week that we have been loitering busily behind the fienile…

There is no drainage behind the fienile, so the fallen earth from the bank  that has been building up against the rear wall of the building stays wet and heavy long after rain and creates a constantly damp environment.

Since we have limited flat space around the house and it would be nice to utilize this area more we have decided to remove the build-up and install proper drainage.

Stu has been digging…rather a lot…possibly over 200 wheelbarrow loads.

He has been tipping the dirt over the edge of the bank near the chicken coop where the land falls away steeply.  At the same time, I’ve been identifying rocks unsuitable for stonemason work and tipping them into Stu’s newly displaced dirt.

This is our version of reclamation / retaining and it has been very effective!  The rocks will provide support for the dirt and the dirt will provide beauty (once the grass grows on it!).

This week, Stu had removed enough of the dirt to install the drainage.

Now the pressure is well and truly on me to finish clearing the rubbish pile so that Stu can continue the earth moving process between the fienile and the bank and create the nice dry useful area that we dream of…


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    your blocking my comments, not nice


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