Now we have a REAL almond grove

We have an area along from the fienile that is terraced.  This space used to be a vineyard that was once full of productive moscato vines but it is now simply a grassy stairway that demands rather a bit too much attention in terms of maintenance.

After falling in love with the shape and blossom of our friends’ almond trees, we decided this terrace would make a perfect almond grove.

In early spring last year, we planted 7 almond trees in a row.  We wanted to plant more but we first needed to be sure that almond trees would survive our frosty valley winters.

But it became immediately apparent that we first needed to help them through a particularly hot and dry summer!  Last year we saw no rain for months and had to deep-water our new little trees twice weekly to make sure they survived!

Then winter was upon us and it was also harsh.  It was wet and cold, with temperatures plummeting to -6 degrees for extended periods of time.

Now, after a long year of waiting and caring for our new trees, spring has arrived and a close inspection of our trees reveals that tiny white-tipped buds have emerged from the waking branches.  They will give us a lovely blossom show in a few more weeks.

So…a couple of weeks ago we purchased another 7…and planted them immediately…in a parallel line.

Now we can finally say that we have an almond ‘grove’ rather than an almond ‘line’…


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