It’s too hot!

Our summer began early and brutally.

We’re having a heat wave.

We’ve been closing windows before 8am to keep the daily heat out and not opening them until after 7pm when we invite the overnight cool back in.  We hide indoors during the larger part of the day and emerge only at dawn and dusk.

Our chickens have their beaks open and their wings spread wide so we let them wander freely to find their own cooler spots around the house.  They spend the mornings foraging, then stop for 4-5 hours in the hotter part of day to bathe in the cool dirt outside the dining room which remains shaded by the wisteria.

We’ve also been doing what we can to help them cool down…and today’s treat was a cold watermelon.

We dished it up then sat down to watch them eat…but it was painful to watch ‘chook culture’ in action.

Our really bossy hen, Drumstick, made sure that she and her man Horris ate first.  While they ate, Yolko Ono stared into my camera.  I’m sure she was trying to charm me into changing ‘chicken law’…but pecking order can’t be altered so she had to wait until after they’d finished…


One response to “It’s too hot!”

  1. murleo says :

    Poor Yoko – she takes a back seat while Horris (the non-egg layer) gets a guts full.

    On Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:45:00 +0000


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