Cheese, cheese…and more cheese…

Bra, a small town about half an hour from us, hosts the famous and highly reputable bi-annual international “Cheese” festival.

The festival is promoted and supported by the Slow Food movement, an international not-for-profit association which promotes the production of food using traditional methods and in harmony with the environment and ecosystem.

The movement is particularly strong in Piemonte where its founder, Carlo Petrini, established the only Slow Food university in the world (located in Pollenzo near Bra).

Embarrassingly, we’ve never managed to make it to “Cheese”.

But 2017 was our year.

It was also the year for many others.  Ten years ago, the 3 day festival attracted about 150,000 people; in 2015, it brought 270,000 people and this year approximately 300,000 people enjoyed its delights!

Needless to say, it was hugely crowded but quite spectacular…

I liked the colourful and aromatic Sicilian pecorino that had been infused with saffron, while Stu preferred the 18 month old seriously disintegrated and smelly cheese from the Valle d’Aosta.

We both drooled over the cold gorgonzola dolce, which was served in an icecream cone…


6 responses to “Cheese, cheese…and more cheese…”

  1. dellcourt says :

    You make my mouth water . Mike C.



  2. Davide D'Onofrio says :

    Hi Catherine; How are you?


    • Catherine says :

      Hi Davide
      I’m fine! Good to know you can ‘stalk’ me via my blog (which I’ve been sadly ignoring of late…)
      We have my brother in law and one of my nephews with us for Christmas this year. My sister and he bought a renovation project at Terzo last year and he has come over to do some serious work on the place so that they can stay in it next year. My Dad is also due on 3 Jan to help with some carpentry work there so we will be a full house!
      How is your work going? Did you progress the saffron venture at all?
      Looking forward to hearing from you.


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