After an extended break from all things normal, we are back on deck and rearing to go with all things garden and renovation!

My last post was in late October 2017. Since then, we’ve survived a trip to Australia (planned), returned to Italy for 6 weeks to ‘baby’ our house through a particularly brutal winter and another trip to Australia (unplanned).

Our winter experience was quite extreme.  First, we had a deep snowfall in December which quickly turned to pack ice and forced us to walk in and out of our valley.  When we finally built some confidence to attempt our driveway, our car slid backwards 20 metres on the ice!  I have truly never been so frightened in my entire life…and am still not sure how our car didn’t end up in the creek!  Second, Russia cruelly sent us some icy weather from Siberia and temperatures plummeted to minus 10-14!  This happened while we were in Australia (the second time) and we spent several anxious nights biting fingernails while we worried about our pipes freezing.  Luckily we have some very very special Italian friends who selflessly braved the conditions to put our heating on for us..and thus save our pipes from freezing.

Now, the first blossoms of spring are budding and we are carefully watching the almond and plum trees which are always the first to burst out.  The jonquils and hyacinths are already blooming and the tulips are close.  The birds are flitting and singing as they urgently start a cycle of new life.

Nature is tempting us outside to revel in new life…



2 responses to “Temptation”

  1. Suzanne Salvo says :

    I want jonquils! Such a lovely smell and happy color!


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