3 Roosters?

So Horris the Rooster has developed a problem…

Over the last week, he has been attacking me.  Hackles up.  Jumping at me.  Stabbing me with his spurs and beak.  It’s been quite confronting behaviour from our little bantam rooster who has been so docile to date.

Having had a peaceful and respectful relationship with him for a couple of years now, I decided that the problem had to be my NEW garden shoes.  So one morning I decided to test my theory.  I put my OLD garden shoes on and headed out to the coop.  Horris left me alone.

The next day, Stu decided to extend the experiment.  He took my NEW garden shoes out to the coop and put them on the ground inside the coop.  Horris reacted.  Hackles up.  Jumping at them.  Stabbing them with his spurs and beak.

So the problem WAS my NEW shoes!

The next day, I went out (in my OLD shoes).  Horris reacted.  Hackles up. Jumping at me.  Stabbing me with his spurs and beak.

So the problem WASN’T my NEW shoes!

It was time to resort to chicken discussion forums on the internet.

I read that Horris may consider me to be a threat to his hens or a competing rooster (!?).  I’m not sure if this is a compliment.

I also read that, since he never attacks Stu, he may consider Stu to be the dominant rooster (!?).  Stu thinks this is a compliment.

Admittedly, I am more ‘hands-on’ with the hens than Stu is.  I pat them, pick them up, etc.  So it is quite possible that Horris worries about me touching them.

The recommended solution to an aggressive rooster is to “re-home or roast”!

Since we are incapable of killing and eating anything that we’ve come to know (and since Horris is such a midget and incapable of drawing blood), we’ve decided to ‘wait and see’ just in case the problem is actually Spring and his territory/breeding hormones have kicked in!



3 responses to “3 Roosters?”

  1. Suzanne Salvo says :

    Hysterical photo! And what exactly are hackles?


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